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Why is the rate of mental health on an alarming decline, especially amongst young people?

Technology/social media, overstimulation, an untrained inner critic, and lack of skills for genuine human connection. 

Why are the current approaches to mental health not working?

Because we are asking the wrong question:

   The question should not be 'Why the symptoms & behaviours?',  

but 'What is the problem underneath the symptoms & behaviours?' 

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We are focusing on the iceberg when we need to focus on the OCEAN. We are treating the symptoms when we need to be treating the UNDERLYING PROBLEM. 

In our overstimulated society the concept of authentic self expression faces many challenges, hindering our ability to fully embrace our unique individuality. Social media, constant distractions, and technological advances steer us away from cultivating genuine connections with self and others. The normal way of life markedly deviates from what is healthy and natural, making it difficult for us to express our true selves. In addition, our inner critic is at the forefront.

This all leads to feelings of mental and emotional distress, creating an environment where extreme anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviours can thrive.


Magic Beyond Words (MBW) was born from a deep desire to address this pervasive toxicity that can impact our culture, especially how it affects young people who may be vulnerable to its influence. 

To effect enduring transformation and foster mental mastery and emotional resilience, it is imperative that we attain a comprehensive understanding and heightened awareness of the roots of this affliction.


By delving deep into the origins of this phenomenon, and treating mental health challenges from that point, we can lay the foundation for a lasting paradigm shift and cultivate a state of mental well-being within ourselves and young people that endures over time.


Mental health is not a destination, it's a journey. 

Young People

1/4 young people have an anxiety disorder, and there has been a 200% increase in self harm behaviours in females over the past decade.
It is imperative that we foster mental health literacy, reduce the stigma of mental illness and create a safe environment that gives young people the tools and support to understand and self manage their depression, anxiety, social media distractions, addictions, peer pressure, and trauma. ​
  • Workshops and programs for 15-25 year olds. 
  • Private counselling sessions. 


To no fault of our own, we are unconsciously regurgitating things we have learned from our friends, family, and a toxic society. It is imperative we learn the sources from which our internal suffering emerge from, cultivate inner peace, and master the mind.  
  • Adult/Parent workshops for mindset mastery.   
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With 1 in 6 employees affected by mental health, mental ill health is significantly impacting the quality of life of educators, and in turn the students. It is the leading cause of sickness absence in Australia. 
33.7% of young people have a mental health issue, and there has been a 22% increase in calls to kids helpline over the past year.
The good news is, this is preventable with early intervention, trauma informed practices, and by addressing the root cause
  • Professional development workshops for teachers/educators/school staff.
  • Staff meeting presentations. 
  • Parent workshops.
  • Year 11 and above interactive workshops.
  • Guest speaker for staff/students. 
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Meet Jazzmyn

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ABC Radio Interview: Jazzmyn Lyon
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Jazzmyn Lyon MHSc is a highly experienced school-based Speech Pathologist and counsellor. With over 14 years of dedicated work within the education system, Jazzmyn has been instrumental in implementing successful and innovative programs and workshops for parents, educators, and young individuals, focusing on emotional and mental wellbeing. Additionally, Jazzmyn has expertise in teaching functional, evidence-based communication skills.


Driven by a deep commitment to empowering individuals struggling with mental health challenges, Jazzmyn endeavours to foster a profound understanding of the underlying sources of anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, and the importance of genuine human connection in today's technological society.


Unlike many prevailing approaches that often offer temporary fixes for behavioural issues and symptoms, Jazzmyn firmly believes in addressing the root causes to bring about transformative and lasting change, an approach she describes as "the very essence of magic."


Her mission is to equip others with effective tools and supportive strategies to optimise and self-manage mental health. Drawing on practical techniques and personalised guidance, Jazzmyn empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges with resilience and authenticity.


Change starts from within, and Magic Beyond Words is the guide. 

  • MBW's exclusive programs, workshops, and talks are meticulously designed to help young people (15+), those who engage with young people, and adults uncover the roots of negative self-talk and the inner critic, cultivate inner peace, and master their minds.


  • MBW teaches how to transition from a life filled with anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours, trauma, unhealthy relationships, lack of purpose, loneliness, peer pressure, and social media/technology distractions to a balanced and improved quality of life. This transformation includes authentic self-expression, creativity, direction, passion, joy, inner fulfilment, healthy relationships with self, others and technology, as well as a mind free from anxiety and depression.


  • MBW's workshops are:

    • Flexible and can be tailored to fit into school/organisation's unique mission, vision and values, needs of participants, and context.

    • Run privately outside of schools/organisations.

    • Exclusive 8 week program for girls 15+.

  • Private counselling for young people. 

Please fill out the contact form with any questions and we will happily get back to you.


Bex Rasmus (parent and High School teacher)

I had some huge realisations at this workshop about the way our culture has handled (or rather, not handled) trauma, addictions, identity crisis and supporting those in pain. I learned so much about how big this problem is, but also how simple the solutions can be once we have the knowledge and tools.
I am so relieved and hopeful to see someone like Jazzmyn sharing her passion and her personal and professional experience around these topics in a way that is incredibly supportive for older teens, young adults, and really – all of us!

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