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Adult Students

We all need to hear the same message in a different way; therefore, the underlying content of MBW is the same for adults and youth. However, the delivery will change and will be tailored to age, context and needs of participants.  The program can be run as individual 2 hour workshops, or as a 5 week course. 

*Each workshop includes fun, practical interactive activities. 

Overview of each workshop:

Workshop One: Understanding the Mind (2 hours)

Why? Because our ability to live a mentally healthy lifestyle begins with understanding belief systems and how the mind operates.

  • How to free the mind from self-destructive thoughts & create a positive mindset

  • Understanding what shapes our personality and forms our view of the world

  • How to eliminate mental suffering


Workshop Two: Trauma, Addictions and Emotional Regulation (2 hours)

Why? Because unresolved trauma and addictions cause a lack of emotional regulation, and increase risk factors for suicide.

  • Impact of our own, and our kid's distractions/addictive behaviours (e.g. social media, virtual gaming) on mental health 

  • How to deal with our own, and our kid's addictive behaviours with effective coping mechanisms

  • Understanding we all have emotional trauma and how to work with it in a healthy, regulated way


Workshop Three: Identity and Conscious Parenting/Educating (2 hours)

Why? Because transgender youth and those who struggle with identity are 8-9 times more likely to commit suicide. Conscious parenting and mindful educating is essential in helping our youth and ourselves navigate through life and understanding who we are. 

  • How to help youth going through a gender change and anyone struggling with identity challenges

  • Fundamental needs of youth

  • How to consciously parent and educate youth

  • Difference between fitting in and belonging; understanding how trying to fit in is a huge component of emotional suffering 


Workshop Four: Creating Healthy Relationships With Healthy Boundaries (2 hours)

Why? Because creating healthy relationships/connection with others plays a crucial role in wellbeing and strengthens social networks for when support is needed.

  • Understanding different types of boundaries/lack thereof (emotional, sexual, physical, time, material)

  • How to identify weak boundaries and set healthy boundaries

  • Rigid vs porous boundaries

Workshop Five: Emotional Freedom and Living a Purposeful Life (2 hours)

Why? Because we are stuck in the prison of our mind, and until we are emotionally free, we cannot understand the purpose of life (beyond a vocation), which causes immense stress. In our society there is a genocide of authenticity, which inhibits our ability to move forward and live up to our potential. 

  • Eliminate negative thoughts that are holding us back from authentic self expression 

  • 3 step formula for how to achieve emotional freedom

  • 5 step formula for how to live an authentic life of joy, excitement, creativity, passion, and inspiration.

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